LPF AMA Q2 – June 11, 2020

1. Vincent, Southington, CT – What are your thoughts on Puerto Rico becoming a state to the union?
2. Vincent, Southington, CT – Should English and Spanish be the official languages of the US?
3. Scott White, Hillsborough – Is there going to be a President Debate sponsored by Party?
4. Brandon Roberts, Duval – Has the LPF endorsed anyone for chair? Would the LPF support the removal of Sarwark from his position for abuse of power?
5. Larry Allen Schneck, Osceola – How may I become a Florida delegate to the 2020 LNC Convention?
6. Philip Purser, Manatee – What is the LPF’s strategy for winning 1/3 of the state’s house and senate seats?
7. Joe Moraca, Columbia – why can’t we have nice things? will the national LP get their act together soon?
8. Richard Pinney, Monroe – Is there anything I / we can do to get media (local / regional / national) to write something about LP Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen’s position on current events (or anything else) or to even acknowledge the existence of the LP?
9. Dave Tran, Orange – How can we volunteer for the convention?