Communications Pilot Program for Affiliates

We’ve recently launched a pilot program to help launch our affiliate LP’s into 2018. We are offering a hands-off approach for your website in regards to programming & maintenance. This program is by no means mandatory. It is designed for affiliates that either lack the skill set/people or new affiliates trying to get off the ground. Existing affiliates may also use the platform to save on hosting expenses.

We can provide the following:

-Website at a subdomain, example:
-SSL certificate included (with subdomain option only)
-Custom domain mapping is available (you can use your own domain name)
-Custom themes catered to your needs launching soon
-Instructions to help you setup your events calendar
-Instructions to help you load contact lists into an email campaign manager

Note: All this at no cost to your affiliate. Your responsibility will be to manage the content.

How it works:

-Apply for this program by filling out the application form.
-Gather up as much content you can: your governing documents, photos of your executive board, photos of various events, your affiliate logo (if one exists), your social media links, etc.
-The communications committee will review your application and begin the process of building your website
-You’ll receive a username and login to your new site almost immediately
-We will work with you to gather up additional materials or information regarding marketing
-Once you are setup initially, we’ll give you a training session to take over content management of your web presence.


-Free Hosting for Your Affiliate
-Professionally Designed Website
-Hands-off Maintenance on a Secured Server
-Additional Marketing Advice & Support

Apply for this program today!