February 5th, 2017



Absent From Meeting:

Stacey Selleck, Region 8
Darlene Underwood, Region 10
Karl Dickey, Region 13 (Excused)


  • Raquel Okyay motioned to approve the affiliation of Citrus County. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Joshua’s Folsom motioned to accept the resignation of Lynn House as the Chair of the Membership Committee. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Appointment of Jess Mears as Chair of the Membership Committee was confirmed by unanimous vote.
  • Appointment of George Lebovitz, Richard Molek, and Greg Peele as members of the Membership Committee was approved unanimously.
  • Suzanne Gilmore for the Rules Committee motioned to approve minor, non-material edits to the LPF Constitution. Seconded by Joshua Folsom. Motion passed unanimously.
  • George Lebovitz Motioned to Realign Affiliates in Regions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Seconded by Russ Wood. James Chipman made, then withdrew motion to table. George Lebovitz made a motion to amend the motion to realign the regions by moving Polk from 9 to 8 and Volusia from 7 to 9. Seconded by Raquel OkyayRyan Ramsey motioned to amend the motion to only moving Polk from 9 to 8, seconded by Raquel Okyay. Joshua Folsom motioned to call the question, seconded by Alison Foxall. Motion failed. Ryan Ramsey motioned to postpone motion to convention. Motion failed. Omar Recuero moved to call the question on the main motion, seconded by Joshua Folsom. Main motion failed.
  • Steven Nekhaila Motioned to Officially Oppose Florida HB 183 and SB 424, Issue Press Release. Seconded by James MorrisRaquel Okyay made a motion to refer to the Legislative Review Committee. Seconded by Joshua Folsom. Motion failed. Main motion passed unanimously.