Motions From the Floor

To submit a motion to be heard on the floor, follow the two steps in order.

Step 1: Register for Convention as a delegate. Use the same email you intend to use on this form.

Step 2: Fill out the form.

Motions need to cite the specific Article, Section, and subsection in the motion that is being considered for revision.  If the motion doesn’t include it, it will be ruled out of order unless someone makes a successful motion to amend the motion to include the section citation.

Important Note:  Using this form does not automatically mean your motion is on any agenda nor does it mean you actually moved anything. You must still be present, and stand to be addressed by the Chairperson at the annual business meeting for your motion to be heard. This form is merely a vehicle for prior discussion in Slack, and for the Secretary to receive notification.


Existing Motions from the Floor

Entries for Motion from the Floor

First Last Type of Motion Title of the Motion Motion
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First Last Type of Motion Title of the Motion Motion
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